I have been lucky enough to work for more than 20 years in wild plant conservation, before ‘retiring’ to run Beggars Roost Plants. Much of the work was with rare plants struggling to survive, and taught me how amazing their strategies were. It took me to sites of both remote beauty and urban squalor, always increasing my admiration for plant life, and my fascination with how closely involved we all are with plants -whether we realise it or not.

My talks are created to make the best use of my varied slides (which are GOOD – if you don’t like the subject, at least enjoy the pretty pictures!), and I put together a new talk for each occasion, allowing for new slides, garden news, seasonal points, special requests… So the Titles are blanket titles, with variable subject matter and no stale routines.

The Meeting of Wild and Garden Plants

Looking at both familiar and unusual plant groups. Can their lives in the wild help us to make the best of them in gardens ? Often the humble wayside plant can inform and inspire our horticultural style and methods.

People and Plants

From birth to death we are dependant on plants in so many ways, for food, for feeding our animals, for medicine, for shelter. Plants are important in mythology, in literature, in our childhood memories, in our sense of place… This subject never has a shortage of material, and can easily take in requests from groups with special and local interests.

Our Friends the Bulbs

How to work using their own remarkable strategies to get reliable (and magical) results throughout the year. Looks at the survival techniques of wild species, and how these influence growing popular groups such as Daffodils and Snowdrops.

Love it or Loathe it!

Style and Fashion in garden layout, planting and ornaments. This is an entertaining talk about a serious subject!

I can also speak about my botanical travels (Turkey and Iceland have the best slides), and on subjects connected with my book, such as plants in season, annuals or perennials, wild plant legend and mythology.