Neat or Not?

Some gardeners welcome chance effects, some love order and neatness, and plants often decide to blur the distinction. Tidy bedding on exact terraces can be admirable, but even an orderly potting shed in the neatest of gardens may gain an unintended ivy wreath ! Most importantly, you can always work with plants to please your taste, and use their natural behaviour to show them off. Wild Clematis flammula shows off its silvery seed heads in an Algarve woodland, but will do the same in an autumn English garden, after a mass of creamy scented September flowers.Clematis montana is a rampant species, but can add grace to strict masonry, and a Clematis viticella cultivar shows what can happen if a trellis breaks – just flower on the ground to set off the developing winter arum seeds ! Both nature and gardens are full of both chance inspiration and skilful effects.