A Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants of Britain and Ireland

Crowood Press

My first book (published January 2012) brings in many of my memories and experiences. Britain and Ireland have fascinating and beautiful wild flowers, but many gardeners are unfamiliar with this precious resource. This guide is designed to introduce some of our native plants, revealing them as useful, charming, disease-resistant and hardworking additions to conventional gardens, rather than as threatening weeds. Written with infectious enthusiasm, it celebrates the remarkable qualities of our native plants, and describes their close involvement in our own heritage in the hope that revealing their rich history may help them secure a place in the future. Over 200 of the most rewarding and easily grown of our wild flowers are featured, their needs and habits explained, and their historical and cultural significance noted. Suggestions are given for their individual use in gardens, so that they may contribute to and enhance even conventional settings. Warnings are included about plants that may behave too wildly. Species accounts are organised into chapters focussing on the seasons when the plants have their greatest garden value. More information can be found here.pdf_icon

Publication date: 23 January 2012
246 x 189mm
192 pages
221 colour photographs
ISBN 9781847973092
Paperback £14.99
WNP: Trees, wildflowers and plants