ArdtornishWelcome to the website of Lady Rosemary FitzGerald. Here you will find information about me, about the services I offer and how my skills and knowledge can help you make the most of your garden.

My advice is ground-based and comes from experience with wild and garden plants. I was making friends with plants before I was two years old and we have never fallen out!

Good fortune gave me a grandmother who was a passionate gardener, and a family friend who taught me wild flowers and their Latin names as I learned to talk. I cannot remember a time without plants. Life brought a degree in English, a restaurant, some History of Science, fringe theatre, teaching, antique dealing – and eventually led to important years working professionally in botanical conservation, searching for rare and threatened plants and negotiating their protection.

Retiring from this (or from mission statements, steering committees and action plans) I couldn’t stop searching for plants, so started gathering them together in a nursery, Beggars Roost Plants, active in Somerset 2001-2010. Now my searches are for the right plants for YOU.

Botanical stones roll slowly enough to gather a little moss, and I have accumulated:
The Marsh Christian/Kew Botany Award in 2001
The Linnean Society H.H.Bloomer Medal in 2004
The British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society Dick Kitchingman Salver in 2009 (awarded for services to daylilies !)

My book A Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants of Britain and Ireland was published in 2012, and embodies much of my lifetime experience.